Register Term Meta For Taxonomy

In this article, we focus on showing you How to register term meta for Taxonony with Smart-framework.
Make sure that you have already complete these tasks below:
Integrate Smart-Framework to your theme or installed & actived it success. You could consult how to do it here:
– Register Post Type success => If you need a new Post Type, do follow:
– Register Taxonomy success => If you need a new Taxonomy, do follow:

IMPORTANT: you have to add filter named “sf_term_meta_config” with structure below to define term meta for Taxonomy.

Do follow: go to edit functions.php file in your theme or somewhere, add code:

Example: register 2 fields(term meta) for already “property-feature” Taxonomy
(You can view how to register post type “Taxonomy” here:

Result: you will see in BackEnd, click menu(Taxonomy) “Property Features”, appear “Taxonomy Setting” area look like:

result-register-term-metaThat is success. If you have any problem in running, please re-check your code carefully or contact us via Support page. Smart-Framework Support Team will be glad to assist you.
Thank you very much for choosing Smart-Framework!