How to manually create Theme Options configuration file?

This is step by step guide on How to create Theme Options configuration file manually. You could consult our guide on How to integrate SmartFramework to your theme.

Let’s get started.

IMPORTANT:  You have to add filter named  sf_option_config to your code. Do follow:
Step 1: Create your configuration file: YOUR_FILE_NAME.php and put it to your theme (parent or in any sub-directory), then add code:


– Step 2:
Include YOUR_FILE_NAME.php to your theme. By add code below to functions.php file:

If you create file named options-config.php (with using theme “Twentyfifteen”) and put it to this path \twentyfifteen\inc\ directory. Look like:
demo-options-configYou will need add code (in functions.php):


Back to the Backend, open Appearance on the left menu choose Theme Options, has area named Theme Options appear:
result-theme-options-create-manuallyIt means that Theme Options configuration file was successfully created. If not run, please re-check your code carefully or contact us via Support page.

You can download an example file sample-options-config.php here