How to manually create Meta Box configuration file?

Before read content below, please read How to Integrate to your theme.
This content is step by step how to create Meta Box file configuration. Let’s get started.

IMPORTANT: You have to add 2 filters named “sf_meta_boxes_prefix“, “sf_meta_box_config” to your code.

– Step 1. Create your configuration file: YOUR_FILE_NAME.php put it to your theme(parent or in any sub-directory), then add code below to define meta boxes prefix:


– Step 2: Register meta boxes for property by add code below to your php files:

Example:(register some options for Post)
(Need view link to know how to DEFINE FIELDS).

– Step 3: Include YOUR_FILE_NAME.php to your theme. By add code below to functions.php:

RESULT of example:
Back to Backend, open add new/edit your post, has area named “My Settings” appear:

That is success create & include a file Meta Box config. If not run, please re-check your code carefully or contact us via Support page.

You can download an example file meta-box-config.php here