Integrate to your theme

When you already have zip file plugins on your computer, have 2 solutions to use or integrate to your theme.

A. SOLUTION 1 – use plugins
– Install & Active it as other plugins on how to do it here)

B. SOLUTION 2 – include to your theme
Step 1: Extract to your local computer, look like:
sm-structureStep 2: Copy “smart-framework” directory above to any directory in your theme. In my demo, i used “twentyfifteen” and i copied to “inc” directory, view here:
sm-directoryStep 3:
Open file functions.php in your theme, add line:

In my demo, i copied to “inc” so i will add:

Now your theme already can do:
Build Theme Options
Register Meta Boxs
Register Post Type
Register Taxonomy
Register Term Meta