The Editor field offers WYSIWYG editing capability, using the same editing interface as WordPress itself.



idstringRequiredUnique ID identifying the field. It will be used as meta_key. Must be different from all other field IDs.
titlestringRequiredDisplays title of the option.
subtitlestringOptionalSubtitle display of the option, situated beneath the title.
descstringRequiredDescription of the option, appearing beneath the field control.
typestringRequiredValue identifying the field type.
For WordPress Editor field here we set value editor
defaultstringOptionalText to appear inside the editor window by default.
argsarrayOptionalSets the default WordPress editor arguments. See ‘Editor Options’ below.
colintOptionalThe proportion of columns that display field on 12 columns per row.

Editor Options

textarea_namestringName of rows to display on the textarea.
editor_classstringAdditional CSS styling applied for both visual and HTML editor buttons. <style> tags need to be included.
textarea_rowsint10Number of rows to display on the textarea.
media_buttonsbool falseOptional. Flag to set the display of media upload/inset buttons. Default value is false
quicktagsarrayFlag to load Quicktags. Can be used to pass settings directly to Quicktags using an array. Set to false to remove the editor’s Visual and Text tabs.
tinymcearrayFlag to load TinyMCE. Can be used to pass settings directly to TinyMCE using an array.

Example Declaration